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Rupert de Paula

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Rupert de Paula

International Experience

  • UK
  • Australia

Rupert is an award winning creative director with over 10+ years experience working in some of the UK’s most prestigious creative agencies. He is thrilled to now be applying this expertise to Strategy’s Christchurch studio.

Rupert passionately believes in ideas that change ideas. It doesn’t matter what shape or size they come in — big, small, long, tall, fat, thin, shiny, skyscraper- or square-shaped — as long as they change people’s perceptions. His approach marries rigorous strategic positionings with memorable executional vehicles and meticulous craft skills, which have been honed at the very highest level of the creative industries.

Career highlights include: healing 8 real people’s broken relationships through the power of music alone, a brand campaign for an LGBT rights charity that broke the internet, putting on a dog and cat show where dogs and cats run the show and a lottery betting ad about a man fingering pies (yes, really). He also particularly enjoys writing about himself in the 3rd person.

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