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#ForgetThePassport & Explore Australia

To build upon the momentum from their current social media activity, Quality Tourism sought the continued involvement of Strategy Creative for a new seasonal campaign designed to further increase engagement and brand awareness on Facebook.

The extremely successful Forget the Passport (#ForgetThePassport) campaign was designed to get travellers excited about potential holiday plans leading into Christmas and summer. Hosted on the Quality Tourism Australia Facebook page, the campaign utilised bold and eye-catching imagery that highlighted some of the incredible locations and experiences Australia has to offer, and boldly pitched them against a selection of the most desired and frequent destinations around the world.

Strategy Creative crafted a range of inspired content, mixing high-resolution photography with moving graphics, that effectively reached and positively engaged the target audience. The weekly competitions, supported with giveaways from Quality Tourism accredited businesses, proved to be a highly successful incentive to further engage travellers. The campaign sparked thousands of reactions and comments with some travellers reminiscing over previous holidays, whilst others dreamed of future travels, resulting in an excellent campaign reach.