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Genesis Capital

Genesis Capital is a private equity firm based in Ashburton, whom we worked with to develop a brand strategy, rename and rebrand as they made the move into their new premises.

Through a comprehensive brand strategy process with Lee Parkinson, our Strategic Partner, we gained insight to better inform the rename and rebrand. Genesis Capital wanted a brand that would be seen as professional and knowledgeable, but never corporate. They wanted to communicate their direct, honest and experienced team and the value they put on their relationships with investors. Approachable people and unwavering trust is at the centre of everything they do.

The logo design is inspired by the natural landscape of Ashburton & surrounding areas, from the sea, to braided rivers and the sun. This communicates that Genesis Capital is a business made up of real people and real locals that authentically understand their clients' needs. The weaving of lines also represents Genesis Capital as being well-connected in the industry. The logomark speaks to their  current & potential investors; many of which are South Island-based farmers and families with a strong connection to the land.

The blue colour palette links to colour psychology where blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability - instilling that sense of trust. The blue is also a reference to braided rivers of the surrounding Canterbury landscape and grounds the business in finance.

It has been exciting to see Genesis Capital move into their premises and embody their new identity.