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Hot pools by the sea

Christchurch City Council appointed us to create a vibrant identity and positioning for the hot pools facility being constructed on the New Brighton foreshore.

A key part of the New Brighton Regeneration Project, there was stakeholder consultation throughout the process. Matapopore developed the cultural narrative for the Hot Pools and gifted the name He Puna Taimoana (the pools by the sea) to the project.

With insights from research conducted by Research First and other stakeholders we created a cohesive brand story that wove together our shared biculturalism, physical place, and elemental feel of the location.

The logo reflects the waves at the shoreline – where the land meets the sea, the elements combine, and the four lines represent water, the beach, the community and weaving. The colour palette reflects the elements and lighting of the coast.

To tell the story, we created a video with production company Resonate. This was challenging as we needed clear days and low breezes for the drone to film the location - and the 60ft wide logo we created in New Brighton beach!

A new website was designed and built with full ecommerce and bookings capabilities, and we were on track for public opening in March 2020 until…. COVID19 and the Level 4 lockdown.

The delayed public opening was Queen’s Birthday Weekend with strict level 2 social distancing rules in play. Even so, initial results were outstanding:
All sessions for Queen’s Birthday Weekend were sold out – in 6 hours.
The website had 76,127 unique visits (103,814 page views) in the first week.
And because traffic to the website is so high, we have delayed the online ‘launch’ campaign.

The people of New Brighton and Christchurch have embraced their new Hot Pools, its identity, and the inspiring location, He Puna Taimoana, the pools by the sea.