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Keeping New Zealand covered

As part of a larger strategy to highlight the amazing work that Dimond Roofing does around New Zealand, we developed a video that heroes their product in the construction of two new Department of Conservation huts. The huts are situated along the West Coast Paparoa Great Walk, which will be made open to the public in April 2019.

Located in the Paparoa ranges, the West Coast Paparoa Great Walk will provide access to areas of the national park that would be otherwise inaccessible to most trekkers. The terrain is some of the toughest in all of New Zealand, with the Tasman Sea to the west, the snow-capped Southern Alps to the east, and thick native forest filling the majority of the space in between.  

The video, shows how having a reliable structure available to provide warmth and shelter for weary travellers is critical in the rugged terrain and remote locations where the DOC huts are situated. As the huts are very much off the grid, one particular feature of the Dimond Roofing selected for these huts is the provision of power via solar energy cells built into the roofing product. Thanks to the hard work and planning put in by the project manager, building contractors and Dimond Roofing, the DOC huts are strong, powered and watertight – an insight we knew we had to bring to the New Zealand public.

The video is a story about triumph over adversity, and about this amazing asset being developed for all New Zealanders and visitors, and so it was critically important for our client that the video didn’t detract from the work being put in by DOC or any others involved in the construction project. The only point where Dimond Roofing’s involvement is made apparent is at the very end, where the Dimond Roofing name and logo is displayed briefly. The video has since been used internally by Dimond Roofing with great success.