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Strategy in Madinah

Strategy Creative Sydney is undertaking qualitative and quantitative research with target audiences in the Al Madinah region, Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the project is to inform the development of a regional vision and strategic focus for the Madinah Al-Munawarah Development Authority.  

In December 2018 we facilitated 12 focus groups, undertaking interviews with around 180 local businesses and industry stakeholders. The intent was to understand the current situation and challenges facing the region, and to identify future opportunities.

Sectors interviewed were representative of public and commercial interests, from tourism and trade sectors, to women’s empowerment and NGOs. General sentiment, potential challenges, and future aspirations were captured, cognisant of the region’s cultural and historical significance. Reports were submitted on the outcomes of each consultation.

In late January 2019 we are undertaking Phase Two of the project. This will involve facilitating creative visioning workshops to identify key themes and strategic objectives for the Al-Madinah 2030 Strategy.