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Bringing Brands to Life

A brand without content is empty. But even though content can stand on its own, it’s much stronger when partnered with compelling visuals and design, empowering a brand and its messaging, says Strategy Partner Adrian Grey. 

Adrian is part of a global network of brand experts at Strategy, all of whom work to humanize diverse collection of brands and deliver powerful business outcomes. His specialty is creating award-winning video content to tell a brand’s story and add value. He has spent the past 15 years as a producer & director on a multitude of film and media projects for clients such as NetflixRed Bull, LEXUS, and the Japanese Prime Minister’s Office. 

Moving pictures are a key part of bringing brands to life, but they need to be part of a strong strategy and branding toolset to reach their full potential, says Adrian. 

“I may be biased, but there’s no brand without content,” he says. “Story is paramount. Even more so in this day and age. “Perhaps back in the day when newspapers were big business and lots of people went out to socialise, moving images would have taken a backseat. But nowadays, it’s far more impactful than many written words, if packaged right.” 

Visual projects still come with their own set of challenges. Take their work for Experience More Japan, for which Adrian and his team had to travel over 3500km on a very tight schedule, shooting at over a hundred different locations to create 13 videos covering 13 different areas of West Japan. 

So what gets Adrian out of bed in the morning, aside from flights at the break of dawn to go shoot video somewhere remote?  

Creating ideas and seeing them brought to fruition, into something tangible.  

It’s a remarkable feeling when creative projects really make a mark – especially in a day and age where many people continuously over-consume media.  

One such project that had that effect was the work that Adrian and his team did for the Fitbit Versa 2. “Starting from a basic localization project to a proper re-culturalisation of ads from the United States, we used the US version of the TV commercials to create a truly localised version of the ads.” Some of the scenes from the ad resonated so well with consumers that they gathered over a million views on YouTube. 

“It’s more difficult to reach the consumer than it ever has been because they have a million things coming at them from all over the place. But videos with the right story, purpose and reach can change politics, can build or destroy companies and brands.  

It’s incredible ammunition to get your message across and empower your brand.”