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Building an Authentic Hiring Brand

Not all publicity is good publicity in the hiring world. Cultivating authenticity within your brand is never linear and requires ongoing work. With credibility being multi-faceted, and 86% of workers stating they wouldn’t apply to a company that has a bad reputation, a critical action is to monitor your brand’s persona and veracity in the recruitment marketplace.

Presenting your company in the best possible light in front of job applicants and candidates is crucial to recruiting the best people for your brand. People who become integral to the brand experience. People who create an authentic and positive brand experience for customers and consumers. The goal is to grow a motivated and engaged team.


Your Brand
Acknowledging your brand values and mission statement internally and externally, provides context on what the company stands for. Doing this can assist with accountability for both management and employees. Doing this requires more work than you think, take a step back and reflect on the long-term values you want at the core of your brand. While these can change over time, giving them the respect they deserve will show.

Current Employees
They have the capability to be an advocate for your brand. Conduct internal audits and discussions to hone in on what you can do to improve and how you can apply it. There is a reason we all believe Google is a great place to work, their employees continue to promote the value of their experience there.

The World-Wide-Web
This is where a majority of candidates will research your brand, make it count. Current and relevant information on your social media and website will help with consistency of your values. Showcasing teams and posting employee perks, will help create a genuinely invested candidate pool as they will be able to see how they would fit in. It’s important to make sure that Glassdoor isn’t the only place that people get the perception of your brand from.

Think your brand does all of this, and more? Great! Now go and anonymously ask your employees and future candidates if they agree with you. All of this is not about being perfect, it is about being true to your brand and your team. Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration from competitors, as their perspective could help.