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Employer Brands

Seven years ago, Strategy Design & Advertising produced an article about what it means to cultivate an ‘employer brand’ – a subject that we’ve been reflecting on over the last five weeks.

For those just catching up, an employer brand is the emotional connection between a company and its staff. Just as a company’s consumer brand tells people why they should buy their product, the employer brand tells people about the character of the company; and that character is reflected in the staff that work there. 

In this five part series, we’ve been exploring the fundamental qualities that we look for when we’re hiring. It’s these qualities that tie our five studios together, and help us to cultivate our own employer brand. 

The fifth quality is last on the list perhaps because it’s the most difficult to assess in the early stages. As time goes on, trust becomes increasingly important, and can become the foundation of the relationship between employer and employee. However, in the beginning trust is largely about instinct, and is a quality that none of the Managing Partner’s we interviewed were prepared to miss.

For Steve White, Managing Partner in Sydney, trust and loyalty go hand in hand. When looking over a CV, Steve believes it’s important that “a person’s track record reflects their sense of loyalty as much as it does a good career.”

Geoff Cranko cites trust as being the heart of all good relationships, and a crucial part of the hiring process. “You could have all the brains and talent in the world, but what good is it to me if I can’t trust you?” 

For Fraser Calloway, it goes back to the clients. “We have to be able to leave this person alone in a room with our clients, and trust them to get it right. When you’re a team it’s really important to have confidence in each other”.

Whatever qualities best reflect your business, there’s no doubt that your employer brand is something to put on the agenda. When Geoff, Steve and Fraser are hiring someone new, it’s not just about filling a role: they’re looking for a personal set of values that will reinforce the existing values of the Strategy brand. If you’re interested in reading about more advice on cultivating your employer brand, have a read of our past copies of the Strategy Thinking Book.