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Personality Fit

At Strategy Design & Advertising, we are proud to have a network of five studios across three countries. By nature, each of our studios is different; what works in Christchurch is always going to have a different spin in the context of a city like Tokyo. However, our fundamental values are the same: solid foundations that allow us consistency across the board.

On a day-to-day basis, these values are represented in the people that work for us – which makes choosing them an act of careful consideration. In this five part series, we talked to a selection of Strategy’s Managing Partners about the qualities they look for when they’re hiring.

Personality comes fourth on the list. As part of that, no matter what studio they’re looking to work in, each candidate that walks through the door takes a personality test. While there are many different tests available, Geoff Cranko – Strategy’s Group Managing Partner, based in Christchurch – has been using the same one for 25 years. This test describes the level a candidate is likely to relate to four different qualities: extrovert, introvert, task orientated and people orientated.

There’s no right or wrong answer, but it helps establish how that person would fit in with the team. For Geoff, that means balance – you can’t have an office full of extroverts any more than you could have an office full of introverts. “It’s about finding the mix that will bring the best out in everyone”.

Beyond that? For Wellington’s Fraser Calloway, the answer is simple.

“Honestly?” he laughs – “just don’t be a dick!” It’s not exactly eloquent, but it is genuine. When you’re working in an industry built on relationships, possessing the ability to interact with people carries a lot of weight. “The personality that we’re looking for is always going to be dependent on role – a creative is very different to a suit. But everyone we hire has gotta be able to hold a conversation, to work in a team environment. Is it okay to write dick in the article?”

Look out for Building a Culture: Part Five coming next week, and in the meantime have a browse of our website to find more of our thinking.