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What's Next?

In the past most companies and brands cared about the traditional way of advertising. They pushed their message out.

Now creating a brand is playground of technology and innovation. From influencers, consultants, to social media platforms to algorithms on media channels – everything is a part of the advertising industry now.

The industry has diversified and expanded far beyond the confines of the TV commercials, print ads and billboards. But besides selling technology, content and data to prospective and current clients, what’s next for agencies?

That’s what I asked many industry leaders, and most of them had the same answer – it’s about people, creativity and talent. Offering creative solutions is the core of advertising.

Running an agency can no longer be about few or limited services, but has to be more about collaborating to creatively solve a problem.

In order to be creative, one has to attract talent not just from the industry but from outside too. One has to be prepared to go beyond typical sector boundaries and celebrate people who think differently and do things differently.

 Another big shift which makes an agency stand apart is the ‘Thinking’.  Not just focused on current trends, but on insights which are forward facing and disruptive.

I believe it’s necessary to have a strategy built on experience, creative talent and an eye to the future.