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Jezabels — My Love Is My Disease (Music Video)

Jezabels — My Love Is My Disease (Music Video)

Strategy SET had the privilege to work with Shanghai-based Director, Jonathon Lim, on a music video for the Australian band ‘The Jezabels’.

Jonathon is also the co-founder of PUSH Media (, a production company also based in Shanghai. Jonathon was accompanied by DP, Scott Bass, who is a Creative Director at Ampisound (, which is a parkour and freerunning production company.

With Scott Bass’s expertise, Jonathon set out to capture the two actors, Freerunner Yutaro and the world’s fastest runner on all fours, Kenichi Ito, running through Tokyo’s nighttime cityscape.

The video was shot with Sony’s a7s mkII on our Ronin-M with our new Celere HS lenses from German maker Hanse Inno Tech (albeit with some balancing help from cine-milled products). The incredibly sharp and beautiful images were shot on the 25mm and the 36mm, and the shoot was made easier due to the fact they weigh exactly the same and made rebalancing unnecessary. Also used was the, Sony FS7 to capture insert shots throughout the shoot and some high speed footage. The video took about 3 days to shoot and was somewhat of a roller-coaster experience as guerrilla-style shoots tend to be, but in the end we managed to produce a unique music video that we are proud to have been a part of creating.

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