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Strategy circa 1877

Strategy's Christchurch studio has a brand new home: Strategy House. After losing the iconic Strategy Building as a result of the Feb 22nd earthquake, the hunt was on for a new location and building that would continue to foster a creative culture.

The answer was found at the historic Grosvenor hotel. Originally built in 1877, the heritage building located on the edge of the central city had been sitting vacant for years. A veritable eyesore, its restoration was begun following the original September quake.

Designed and rebuilt to new building code specifications with an internal steel frame and poured concrete foundations, the building has come through the recent aftershocks unscathed (including the latest 5.5 and 6.3 double hit on June 13th).

The new studio's interior has a stripped back aesthetic and the open plan layout has been designed to maximise collaboration and create a welcoming environment for clients. The first floor studio makes a strong statement about Strategy's commitment to being a key player in the rebuilding of Christchurch. Strategy's sister digital agency, NV interactive, has taken the ground floor, along with a planned café bar which will help fuel the creative precinct in the surrounding area.





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