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Emotional Intelligence

Building a consistent working culture across five studios has its fair share of challenges. When it comes to hiring, we know how important it is to cultivate a team of people that genuinely reflect our brand values.

In this five part series, we asked a selection of our Managing Partners what kind of people they look for when they’re hiring. We began by talking about IQ (and if you missed it, you can read part one here). From there, it’s a fairly logical jump to EQ – emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is hard to define, yet was acknowledged by all the Managing Partners we interviewed as being a fundamental quality to look for when recruiting. Essentially, EQ describes a person’s innate ability to perceive, manage and understand their emotions, and the emotions of others. From there, it’s about how they use this understanding to relate to those around them.

Steve White is our front man at Strategy in Sydney, and has had an extensive career in design and advertising. Now Managing Partner, Steve is an old hand when it comes to hiring, and knows that in a workplace, being emotionally perceptive is essential.

“It’s a team thing. Being in tune with the core values that match ours is important, but being able to work with different personalities, and having the ability to build solid relationships can be difficult without a genuine sense of emotional intelligence.”

But more than that, EQ is also about the little things: knowing how to make people feel valued in small day to day actions. And Fraser Calloway, Managing Partner in Wellington, believes that can become clear before a candidate’s even walked in the door.

“I always admire people who make the effort to find out who we are before they approach us. Know our names! People who intuitively make an effort, and try to know a bit about the team – you have to respect that”.

Look out for Building a Culture: Part Three coming next week