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Go behind the scenes like never before

Drax Project have exploded in the New Zealand music scene. Their 2017 music video for Woke Up Late was a huge hit, being the best performing NZ On Air video in several years. They then opened for Ed Sheeran early in 2018, playing to 134,000 people across three days in Auckland. Now, they’re taking on America with a 360 VR behind the scenes video produced by our very own Motion Producer, James Manttan.

As if producing a music video for Woke Up Late wasn’t enough, James and the crew had the vision of creating an immersive 360 VR behind the scenes experience.

The boys from Drax Project love using new technology to connect with their fans. VR and 360 technology is the next frontier for brands, artists and services to connect with audiences like never before.

The behind the scenes video caught the attention of YouTube HQ in New York. They were so impressed they’re now using it to advertise the  ability to watch VR content through YouTube. So far people are spending an average of 1 minute 44 seconds watching the behind the scenes vid, which is unprecedented for an advert.

YouTube are planning on featuring it in their 360 channel and on their music channel.

Shout out to Mike Ross, Lee Gingold and Drax Project of course. Look forward to working with you again soon!