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Cyberpunk nostalgia as a synth ad

In Strategy SET’s second promo video with synthesizer maker, Black Corporation, we highlight the firm’s latest analog polyphonic invention, the KIJIMI. Black Corporation first made waves in the music-making community with the  Deckard’s Dream, a synth inspired by the CS-80 used extensively on film scores like Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire.

With the idea of continuing the retro vintage vibe, we were inspired by the sights and sounds of great sci-fi and the opening scene of 1980’s classic anime film, Akira, we brought back a neo-futuristic Tokyo by shooting the city over the course of a few nights with vintage anamorphic lenses to give it a cinematic look.

Producer: Adrian Grey
Director: Tom Slemmons
DP: Keivan Salehpour, Brandon Strack
Editor: Tom Slemmons
Titles: Brandon Strack