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Connect The Spots

Connect The Spots was a project developed by one of our project co-ordinators, Holly McLeish for her honours project at university - it was also a labour of love. Whilst working in the skincare industry, she was often faced with people aged 18-24, who were alarmed at the fact they were getting acne – which is often seen as a pubescent condition.

This insight, along with numerous interviews indicated both the stigma surrounding acne and the lack of knowledge of the condition. Additionally, it uncovered the dysmorphic perceptions people have surrounding their own skin and highlighted how many medications designed to treat acne can drastically impact mental health. From this research, Holly formulated a design and Connect the Spots was formed. It is a system comprised of a book and an app, designed to both educated and empower acne sufferers to embrace the skin they’re in.

Looking back on this project, Holly feels really proud of the collaborative approach that she took to ensure the system was one that could make a real difference in her users lives – from user testing to imagery they were a part of the process in its entirety. This approach is not dissimilar to the approach we use on any day-to-day project here at Strategy. We often challenge one another’s thinking and bring in outside perspectives when reviewing work to help produce the best outcome possible for our clients. We are extremely delighted for Holly's work been named a New Zealand Best Design Awards finalist.