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EVie - driving sustainable communities

We’ve helped bring two of our key partners, Orion and Rātā Foundation, together, in an initiative promoting the importance of sustainability in our communities.

United by Orion’s vision to power cleaner, brighter communities and Rātā Foundation’s transformational mahi, the pair collaborated on a recent project: EVie, the electric car. Kindly donated by Orion, who have been championing electric vehicles for some time, EVie is here to drive home Rātā Foundation’s commitment to sustainability and further highlight their 'Sustain' funding area.

To launch EVie, industry and community leaders; Leighton Evans (Rātā Foundation CEO) and Paul Deavoll (Orion General Manager, Customer and Stakeholder) took the electric vehicle for a spin.

It’s always awesome to help our clients work together to achieve better things for one another, and the people of Canterbury.