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Evolution, not revolution

Born in Christchurch 17 years ago, Apollo Projects is a well-respected and successful commercial ‘design and build’ company.

Over the years, they have expanded and are now working on projects across the country.

In line with the growth of the company, the directors thought it timely to carry out an overall brand review, including brand story, all client touch-points, and consistency of visual identity.

On the basis that ‘your brand is what people say about you when you have left the room’, we first of all met with their clients, suppliers and partners to talk about Apollo Projects. What we learned helped us develop and articulate their brand story, and in turn, the new brand story helped direct the need for a brand refresh.

Good design is a marriage between form and function, so our design team looked at all visual elements of the original brand, and then set about not only developing a fresh new aesthetic in line with the brand's personality , but also ensuring that what we came up with resolved some of the practical issues the client had been experiencing with the original brand. This included problems with application on social platforms and digital channels , and reproduction of the brand colours in different channels and media.

Once the concepts had been approved, we developed all the brand assets across all channels and touch-points. A comprehensive brand book was then developed as well as a short ‘hype-reel’ so Apollo Projects could launch the brand to their own people first, prior to a full public-facing roll-out.