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Fat Eddies & All That Jazz!

Fat Eddies; an iconic cornerstone of Christchurch's nightlife; both a blessing and a curse. The jazz bar on the terrace came to us to shift perceptions. This is a place to go to start off your night not just to end on. Your new 5 til 9. To be top of mind for early in the evening, for chilled mid-week sessions, for wines with the girls, beers with the boys and platters on the balcony.

Inspired by the vibrant city and homeland of Jazz; New Orleans, we set out to confirm Fat Eddies position as the Jazz hub of Christchurch. We created a campaign; 'And All That Jazz', to highlight all that there is to do before 9pm whilst referencing their jazz roots. All that music, food, fun, sun, vibe...Jazz. Taking inspiration from the Jazz age and the roaring 20’s, this popular phrase creates a perception shift into a more sophisticated, tasteful, vibrant ambience/vibe. 

To encourage people to look up when walking along the terrace and to dial up their authentic jazz vibe, we recommended; hanging plants, lights and bunting along the balcony, a projection of a jazz player lighting up Fat Eddies exterior, a huge wall mural on the side of their building, a '5-9 club' loyalty scheme and having a jazz band play on the corner of the balcony, to name a few. We aimed to show Fat Eddies as multifaceted; a relaxed & vibrant vibe by day and an extremely popular dance club by night.