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Fiordland. Just 2 hours from Queenstown.

Earlier this year, we worked with Great South to produce the Southland Regional Tourism Campaign; You're Due South. As an extension of this, we developed a media strategy and a call to action that aimed to drive Australians to Fiordland and wider Southland. 

We recognised the abundance of travellers coming to New Zealand to go to Queenstown and used this as leverage to incentivise travellers to add on just a few more days to their trip to discover Fiordland. This shifted the perception many Australians had that Southland was too far away and inconvenient to get to.

This breadth of work was in conjunction with Shotover Media and showcased digital billboards in Queenstown Airport and revising Fiordland's existing brand film to align with the new messaging.

Imagery & Campaign Film produced by: Shotover Media