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Lee Parkinson writes for Kātoitoi

Strategic Partner, Lee Parkinson, was recently asked to write an essay for Kātoitoi, the Aotearoa New Zealand Design Archive, curated by Design Assembly

Kātoitoi began in 2021 and holds work that ‘reflects and responds to contemporary design practice, emerging trends and the cultural impact of design in Aotearoa New Zealand’.

As well as selecting 100 pieces of design work per year to be representative of our design practice, a series of essays, interviews and artworks were commissioned by Creative New Zealand for the 2020 pilot of the Aotearoa Design Archive.

Lee was asked to write two essays in response to two of Kātoitoi Kaupapa and their selected works. The first is on Impact and has just been published. He is already writing the second one on Innovation.

You can read his korero on Impact here.