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Mentally Healthy 2018

In 2018, Never Not Creative, UnLtd and Everymind conducted the first major study into the mental health and wellbeing of the media, marketing and creative industry in Australia. The purpose of the study was to bring transparency to the mental health issues affecting individuals in our industry and the attitudes towards mental health.

Our Christchurch studio was privileged to host Andy Wright, founder of Never Not Creative, to take us through the results of the study. Although conducted in Australia, many of the findings are still highly relevant to the New Zealand creative industry.

Being such a worthy discussion, the invite was open to the entire Christchurch creative community. With a diverse audience ranging from designers and artists, to suppliers and educators, a critical discussion was had around mental health and the greater industry issues that affect our industry. It was a great opportunity to get together and work on bettering ourselves collectively.

We’re excited to champion this across the Strategy group, and be part of building a stronger, healthier industry — because that’s better for everyone.

You can find the slides, audio commentary and a summary of the results on the Never Not Creative website here.