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Protecting Saudi Arabia's natural kingdom

Saudi Arabia is linking landscape with projects and development under Saudi Vision 2030. In a bid to preserve Saudi Arabia's unique topography a royal decree has designated six protected royal nature reserves. Each royal reserve is supported by its own board of directors.

Jussara Bierman (Managing Partner, Sydney) and Geoff Cranko (Group Managing Partner) recently travelled to Riyadh to facilitate a 2-day strategic visioning workshop to assist in the development of the Al-Taysiyah Natural Reserve, also known as Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Natural Reserve.

The Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Natural Reserve, covering an area of 91,500 sq. km, has been established to preserve the natural eco-system and biological diversity of the Summan Plateau region in north-eastern Saudi Arabia, including restoring threatened species and other key taxa, such as Houbara Bustard, Reem Gazelle, Ostrich, and Arabian Oryx, and to foster sustainable resource management and nature-based recreation and ecotourism.

The visioning workshop explored, with a panel of global parkland experts, the reserve's potential Mission and Vision statements, positioning, value proposition, target audience, socio-economic criteria, product and service offering, and wider infrastructural and organisational issues.