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Quail Island

Being able to help our local communities is an amazing privilege for us at Strategy Creative. Recently, the team at our Christchurch studio set out to a small island in their local harbour to help replant native trees.

Our Friday morning began with a short trip in a taxi boat over calm seas. Our destination was Ōtamahua, Quail Island. What was once a leper colony and a place for collecting shellfish and bird’s eggs by native Māori before it is now a recreational reserve nestled in Lyttelton Harbour, just to the southwest of Christchurch. After a brief tour, we began planting a range of native trees to aid in the natural ecology and landscape of the 81 ha island. Although small, the island could become a sanctuary for native wildlife once all pests are removed and native vegetation restored.

After 250 trees were planted and a wealth of conversation and laughter shared, our task for the day was complete. Taking a day away from the office to do some good and help out the Department of Conservation is something we will always remember.