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Social Good Ltd

Social Good is dedicated to the constant improvement of New Zealand. With their help, we can all make a big difference to our future and the future of our children.

There’s no issue in New Zealand that’s too big or small for Social Good to try and improve. From community involvement, to the development of innovative product solutions, everything that Social Good does is centred around making people’s lives better. As such, we’re truly humbled to have been named as Social Good’s Creative Partner, alongside many other amazing organisations, such as ACC, the New Zealand Police and SOHK (School of Hard Knocks). 

To do our bit and try and spread the message of Social Good as far as possible, we created a brand identity and corresponding website based on who Social Good are, what they stand for, and what they do. Social Good is the response to social and environmental issues in New Zealand. As such, their brand identity needs to reflect the way that they get to the heart of an issue and explain the way forward in the clearest way possible.

For Social Good, nothing is more important than clear communication. To reflect this, their brand identity is centred around a clear method of communication, statement: response. We believe: in tackling social issues head on. We are: Social Good. Find out more about them here.