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The Aotearoa New Zealand Design Archive

We are very proud to have He Puna Taimoana (New Brighton Hot Pools), our Design Director, Chris Flack’s Mate Act Now, and our Creative, Josiah Rees’ ‘Font for Christchurch’ be recognised in the Aotearoa Design Archive; Kātoitoi.

Kātoitoi curates work that reflects and responds to contemporary design practice, emerging trends, and the cultural impact of design in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Judges’ comments about He Puna Taimoana:
"The beach between the ocean and land is the perfect spot to create a 60ft sand logo that represents bridging the two. I like the simplicity of the icon and the fact that regardless of if people understand its background it still resembles overlapping waves."

"The option to have it repeating on itself to create flowing patterns where needed is smart, very versatile. What stands out for me is the Māori translations on all the signage for the zones, something that could have been overlooked."

Judges’ comments about Mate Act Now:
"The breadth and variations of responses in this initiative are both heartwarming (from a design-nerd POV) to eye-opening...as per its real intention highlighting environmental damage. Extremely well-curated and planned out - the variation of responses is a great gauge as to where we are a nation of designers and what we have to say.”

Judges’ comments about a font for Christchurch:
"A font full of aroha and good feelings!"
"Beautifully resolved typeface that speaks to its place."
"Well-crafted representation of people and place."