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The Doctors' - All the fun & better for you

The Doctors are a lower-alcohol wine brand that have a sustainable, but premium positioning. Pioneers in the Marlborough wine industry since 1988, John and Brigid Forrest– both doctors in their own right – kept asking ‘what’s next?’. Success came with the 2006 vintage Riesling, planting the seed for the innovative Sauvignon Blanc in 2009 and Rosé and Pinot Noir, a world first at 9.5% alcohol, in 2017.

The Doctors’ came to us to review & develop a brand story and refresh their design to help align their brand and its positioning; ‘All the fun, and better for you’.

We used their existing logo as inspiration to put The Doctors back into the Doctors’. We developed this into a fictional character and part of a wider story to help inject their fun & quirky nature back into the brand. We treated the brand book as an experience in itself. A story. An ‘Alice in Wonderland’-esque fantasy book.

Visually, this translated to bold typography and rough, quirky illustrations taking The Doctor off his bike, personifying him further through interacting with the page and type.