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You're Due South

After a competitive pitch process, Strategy was appointed by Great South to create a Southland regional tourism campaign that cut through the highly-active, post-covid, regional advertising throughout the country.

The strategy for the campaign was to inject some immediacy into people’s decision making, through a memorable call to action that elevates the Southland region right to the top of people’s to-do lists. Another consideration was to add greater emphasis to the diversity of cultural activities Southland has to offer. This campaign is all about inspiring people that there has never been a better time than now to come and explore the sights, sounds and hidden gems of the Southland region. Put simply, if a trip to Southland has always been a bucket list dream, or it’s been too long since you’ve been back...You’re Due South.

A key part of the campaign is an independent website which hosts five curated ‘trails’ around Southland. The trails are based around types of travellers and provide each with a suggested itinerary; The Foodie, The Explorer, The Adventurer, The Free-Spirit and The History Buff. These are split into varying length stays to show travellers that they don’t need long to explore a taste of what Southland has to offer.

The Southland Trails is supported by a TVC (in conjunction with Two Bearded Men), running on TVNZ On Demand and social channels.

Have you ever marvelled at a Milford Sound Sunset?
You’re Due South.