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Fraser Callaway

Group Managing Partner

Fraser Callaway

International Experience

  • UK
  • Australasia

Fraser is a businessman with a designer’s head and an entrepreneur’s heart. Needless to say he has a talent for creative problem solving within businesses and brands. Fraser is passionate about building relationships and adding value to our clients’ organisations through clear strategic thinking and powerful personal communication.

Fraser is a firm believer that design is a catalyst for positive change. His work has been recognised in New Zealand and abroad, winning two international Red Dot Design Awards and Gold at the New Zealand Best Awards, speaking at the first TEDxWellington event and launching a company, Refold, with a highly successful and oversubscribed Kickstarter campaign.

Prior to his entry into the creative industry, Fraser pursued a career in professional golf. Through that experience he broadened his people skills, perseverance and mental toughness, which together make him an exceptionally well-rounded leader (and a formidable opponent on the green).

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