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Feel the Teal

We were lucky enough to work with Naylor Love back in 2017. A key element of their rebrand was the introduction of an eye-catching teal colour. It was work we were all very proud of.

So, with the recent introduction of the teal-coloured buses around Christchurch, Naylor Love came to us with an idea. To boost brand awareness and reinforce the association of teal with Naylor Love, they wanted to use the repainted buses as a platform — to inspire Christchurch to 'Feel the Teal' as much as they do!

The light-hearted creative continues to reinforce Naylor Love's position as a forward-thinking, modern brand that’s Christchurch through-and-through. It’s fair to say, we’re ‘Feeling the Teal’ here at Strategy and we’re stoked to see them whizzing around town.