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Lenses for Life

Recently our client Okko came to us with a challenge. “How do we showcase the craft and care that has gone into making a lens filter?

How do we help a brand to grow up and position itself as the provider of premium lens filters?” They needed imagery that could showcase the quality and aspiration of the brand. They needed ‘hero product shots’. We wanted these images to showcase the core attributes of the Okko Pro range: Clarity, Quality of glass and Premium construction.

Inspired by high-end product lighting and techniques we aimed to show the product in the best possible light. We shot the product like the high-end kit it actually is. Working with Christchurch based high-end photography studio Lightworkx, we art directed and produced a series of images to reinforce the premium positioning. Care was taken to catch how light interacts with the surface of the lens filter with macro details of the surface and product coming to the fore. These images will form part of the website and brand collateral launching soon.