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One from the Archives... A picture paints a thousand words

Several years ago Strategy worked with Kovacs furniture to review their target market and re-focus the brand to capture this new demographic. The traditional artesian brand wanted to introduce itself to a new group of discerning customers (30-40 something young and style-driven home owners). Strategy helped develop the brand position as “furniture as fashion”. This unique approach gave the campaign authenticity and reflected the style-driven realities of the furniture industry.

The core of the campaign was bold photographic images, imparting a strong sense of style and personality. To create a lasting emotional connection, the images needed a degree of authenticity and so Strategy chose the models to be real people with unique personal styles.

The models were matched with pieces from the range that reflected their individual “look” and the images focussed on surroundings as well as the model’s poise, attitude and styling.

To ensure that the images were striking, the models were carefully made-up, then put in situ with the furniture. The camera was “locked off” – a technique whereby the camera is locked stationary on a tripod enabling multiple shots to be taken with different lighting on the furniture and model. The image was then composited in post-production, combining the key elements in one seamless, impactful image.

Truly a picture painting a thousand words.