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Machines, humans and the future

Day by day we find ourselves standing at the intersection of humanity and technology. We connect and share information with the world through technology.

Some of these connections are intimidating, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies are expected to affect not only the way businesses function, but also the labour markets.

Though it is inevitable that AI will be a part of daily life in the near future,  it’s also hard to imagine that humans will no longer play the most important role.

With technology taking over many of the functions in our lives, should our focus as humans be on enhancing our technical skills?

On the gigantic impact of technology on our brands and industries, should we forget about creating human experiences based on human insights?

I believe no matter how advanced technology becomes, humans will still lead innovation and creative thinking. Many might think that AI will usher in a future devoid of any kind of human intervention.

But the unchanging reality will always be that the creator of AI is human, and humans will continue to dominate and dictate future innovations.

I hope that in the future, machines and humans will work together to create spectacular experiences. AI and data will help humans reach their full potential.

Brands and companies therefore should focus on finding the human talent which has the capability of tapping emotional intelligence, which can then craft technologies around humans and their behaviour.