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Art of branding

For over 25 years, Strategy has been helping companies around the world to be at the leading edge of marketing and communication. Partnering with Unfiltered, Strategy is looking to help people understand what makes a brand click with its audience.  

The way brands communicate is evolving, and what they say should be consistent. Here are some simple brand rules to help brands become case studies, and to engage their audiences with more meaningful, value-added marketing.

Some key concepts for successful branding:

  • Know who you are, where you have been, and where you are going
  • Understand your audience. Who they are and what they want
  • Be aware of your brand space and other options your audiences can choose
  • Maintain an unwavering focus on the core essence of your brand
  • Build a consistent brand experience across all touch points
  • Create passionate brand champions
  • Never stop thinking about your brand

The most important rule of branding is to be honest — because if a brand is not authentic, it will never be successful.