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International Award of Excellence

Our limited edition cover series for Strategy Thinking 5 has been recognised with a prestigious Communications Arts typography award. Based in California, the 2016 competition attracted 1,741 entries from all over the globe. A jury of creative professionals selected only 142 winners, recognising work that demonstrated the highest levels of creative excellence. The award is an affirmation of Strategy’s world-class standard of work.

"Congratulations on your recent AWARD OF EXCELLENCE win in Communication Arts. Having your work selected by an esteemed jury of your peers in one of the most exclusive major creative competitions in the world represents a significant professional milestone."

Along with the award, the project is featured in Communication Arts’ Typography Annual 6. The annual is distributed to over 36,000 subscribers and is also on sale in book and art stores world wide. View the award here and get in touch to find out more about our thinking.