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Naylor Love

Our heritage, our future

When a brand that's been around for more than 100 years needs a refresh, there’s inherently a challenge involved: balance the equity in the current brand with the need to modernise to stay relevant in today and tomorrow’s markets.

That’s exactly the situation Strategy Creative was asked to tackle for Naylor Love — one of New Zealand’s largest construction companies which traces its roots back to 1910 in Dunedin.

Strategy’s approach is always to begin by articulating a brand’s strategic positioning based on its core strengths. The positioning always serves as the foundation for the creative work that follows. For Naylor Love, the core themes were around dependability, trust, and forward-thinking, so the visual identity needed to reflect that. The approach to the logo was an evolution, not a revolution. The original version had presence in the marketplace but looked busy and dated, so we simplified it, sharpened it up, and made it bolder but kept the core essence of the original mark. From there, we modernised the rest of the branding with a brighter and fresher teal primary colour, and a more minimalist design aesthetic to the vehicle fleet, business cards, letterheads, documents, advertising, and other collateral.

The resulting identity has perfectly achieved what it set out to do in presenting Naylor Love as a company which is forward-thinking and can be trusted thanks to its track record.

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